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Respectful Workplace

Cultivate Diversity

Foster a Culture of Inclusion and Empowerment

Empower your employees to be agents of positive change with Alterity’s Respectful Workplace Program. Our comprehensive training equips them with the tools to foster a culture of respect, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. By increasing self-awareness and emotional intelligence, your team will be better equipped to recognize and address situations involving harassment or discrimination. Our virtual program is designed to meet federal, state, and local compliance training requirements, ensuring your organization stays up-to-date with guidelines like Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the EEOC.

Engaging Resources for Diverse Learners

Alterity’s Respectful Workplace Program offers a variety of engaging resources tailored to different learning styles. Our online learning portal provides access to interactive videos, knowledge checks, assessments, and real-life scenarios to ensure a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. To foster seamless adoption, we offer customizable pre-built templates with your company’s contact and reporting information, prepared learning paths for employees and managers, as well as posters and communications to promote your respectful workplace program.

Leading through Learning

Key Areas of Focus

Sexual Harassment
Sexual harassment remains a significant concern in workplaces. Our program raises awareness on both overt and subtle forms of sexual harassment, empowering your employees to identify, prevent, and report inappropriate behavior.
Gender Identity
As gender diversity becomes more recognized, it's essential for employees to understand the importance of respecting pronouns and gender plurality. Our diversity training addresses these topics, helping your team navigate respectful communication.
Diversity, Equity,
and Inclusion (DEI)
A thriving workplace is built on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our DEI program focuses on improving communication, cultural competencies, and fostering a sense of belonging among all employees.
Stress Management
and Well-being
Support your employees' well-being with stress management tools and mindfulness practices. These elements can improve productivity, motivation, and overall morale in the workplace.

Alterity’s Sexual
Harassment Training

Alterity’s online sexual harassment training is part of our Respectful Workplace Program, and is designed to comply with federal, state, and local requirements. Through interactive videos, knowledge checks, assessments, and scenarios we empower your employees with emotional intelligence and the ability to recognize and address sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

Streamline Compliance and User Adoption

Employees access learning programs through our intuitive, web-based learning portal. We provide posters and communications to help you launch the program and promote adoption. Our comprehensive management tools handle importing users, assigning courses and learning paths, and creating scheduled reports to track company-wide compliance.

Be the Change with Alterity's
Respectful Workplace Program.

Move beyond mere compliance and build a culture of respect and empowerment with Alterity's Respectful Workplace Program. Our comprehensive and engaging training equips your employees to be proactive agents of positive change. Contact us today to learn more about creating a workplace that fosters respect, inclusion, and empowerment.

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