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Alterity+ is a new AI-powered practice and feedback assistant developed to empower and educate with coaching tailored to each learner.
leading through learning

Maximize Potential

By introducing assessments and skills development, Alterity+ allows individual users to submit video demonstrations of their acquired knowledge. Each submission is evaluated against the course content by our AI Coach with an option for individual feedback, ensuring a deeper understanding and practical application of the learned skills, providing concrete proof of skill mastery. Alterity+ also comes with Alterity planning and expertise, to help define and address key use cases as well as to support adoption and utilization across the organization. With Alterity+, your business can confidently measure and verify skill development, taking your training and development program to a new level.

Empowering through education.

As learners submit their videos, they receive instant, tailored AI-backed coaching based on program objectives, allowing them to practice, refine and perfect their skills in real-time.

Alterity+ gives a distinctive approach that ensures upskilling objectives are supported by video proof of genuine skill mastery, combining efficiency with undeniable validation.

Educate Your Team

Alterity+ Features Include

Learning Objectives
Alterity+ rapidly generates core learning objectives from provided course materials, saving instructors time and effort. It establishes precise assessment criteria for learners and instructors aligned with organizational goals.
Alterity+ is an AI-powered tool that provides learners with real-time feedback on video assignments, ensuring depth of content understanding and presentation effectiveness. It reinforces learner comprehension of course material by aligning feedback with learning objectives.
Smart Scoring
An automated grading system evaluates learners’ final video submissions against each learning objective to ensure consistent and unbiased evaluations. This approach showcases proof of mastery and frees instructors from the time-consuming manual grading process.
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Key Benefits
of Alterity+

Scalability & efficiency
Empowers your workforce to achieve better business results by equipping them with the knowledge and skills to elevate their performance.
Data security
Alterity+ ensures robust security through data encryption both at rest and during transit. Rest assured, your data privacy and compliance needs are our top priority!
Skill Empowerment
Equips employees with the skills needed to excel in leadership advancement, communications, and professional development using a real-time AI based personal training tool.
Non-judgmental learning environment
Through the use of AI, Alterity+ delivers consistent and unbiased assessments allowing the learner to practice until they have mastered the competency, allowing time for skill acquisition.
Validated proof of performance
Provides relevant and personalized feedback on the depth of understanding and effectiveness of the presentation. Learners will walk away knowing where they excel and are presented with areas of opportunity.

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