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Our seasoned consultants bring top-notch best practices and acclaimed change management expertise to elevate your organization.

Reaching New Heights

Consulting Services

At Alterity, we’re committed to reshaping how you approach your organization. Whether it’s achieving success in your next security awareness initiative or technology project, our team of certified change management consultants possesses the expertise to make it happen.

We recognize that active engagement with new processes and technologies is the key to effective organizational change and technology adoption. Our established change management and user adoption methodologies empower your workforce to not only embrace change but thrive within it.

Change Management

The allure of familiarity often trumps the desire to improve. To steer your employees toward embracing new technology, you must illustrate the benefits they’ll reap.

We design our efforts to support active engagement, fostering lasting adoption of your company’s new practices. Our change management consulting services are centered on a proven framework designed to guide your workforce through the phases before, during, and after significant procedural or technological transitions.

When Alterity leads a Change Management Planning Session, we engage a cross-section of executives, including IT professionals, human resources personnel, administrative staff, and other stakeholders. Everyone’s voice is heard, helping us shape our recommendations. Together, we craft an effective communication plan and complementary elements that bolster your change management strategy.

User Adoption

Why do many technology initiatives falter? Mere instruction on new products and procedures falls short because users resist adopting new technology. Instead, convincing your staff that the short-term effort of acquiring new skills will yield long-term benefits is key.

As a seasoned provider of change management and user adoption strategies, Alterity empowers your workforce to enhance both themselves and embrace change, elevating your organization.

Our Before – During – After methodology, validated through countless successful projects, engages, motivates, and secures user commitment to change. Rooted in change management, adult learning, and human resource management methodologies, our comprehensive approach features numerous learning opportunities, timely performance support, and innovative and compelling communication strategies. Combined, these elements guarantee rapid user adoption.

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