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Alterity Solutions trains employees for compliance, risk management and advancement. We work with companies and organizations nationwide from our HQ in North Texas. Our courses are designed for government agencies, municipalities, real estate and insurance agencies, healthcare providers, the Fortune 500 and smaller businesses.


Extensive Program Elements

One size does not fit all. Each program offers a collection of engaging and effective education, communication and assessment tools to address different learning styles.


Proven methodologies

We are passionate about changing the way people think and perform. Our solutions are designed around the latest in adult learning methodologies and focus on changing the behavior.


trusted leaders

We pride ourselves on being more than just a training company. We are a strategic partner to our clients, consulting them on ways to create a secure and respectful workplace.

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Our Course Catalog

texas DIR cybersecurity training

What’s the weakest link for a data breach? Your people. Our suite of topics focus on threat awareness, communicating the reasons for change, and help employees alter the behaviors that put your company at risk.

How are you creating a safe, inclusive workplace environment? Our compliance training program increases self-awareness and emotional intelligence. These skills help employees recognize situations that involve sexual harassment or sex discrimination and identify what to do if experienced in the workplace.

What resources do you provide to first-time managers? Our executive development program is designed around the major competencies needed by every leader. Empower your team of managers to become successful in your organization regardless of  position or department via Alterity’s virtual training.


Designed for State and Local Governments, Utilities, Real Estate and Title Agencies, Healthcare Companies, Fortune 500 Companies, and Insurance Agencies of all sizes.










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Real Estate



“The customer service is great. Can’t ask for more than the service Alterity provides. They were a great partner in the Cybersecurity program.”
“Alterity was wonderful to work with. They provided a personalized service and helped us get our training done quickly.”
“No training has ever been easier. We loved how simple it was to get started with the program. Before we knew it all employees had access to everything they needed.”

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Alterity is a company built by people, for the people. Alterity Solutions partners with you to effectively create change that will leave your business greater than before.

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Now more than ever, the world needs leaders. To navigate a global pandemic and the ensuing economic fallout, executive leadership is crucial. Whether you learn them in leadership training courses or on the job, these five behaviors can help keep your business afloat during times of crisis.

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Live Informed, Not in Fear of Cyber Threats

There is no shortage of scary and fearful things going on in the world – a global pandemic, riots, hurricanes, “murder hornets”, “meth gators”, and of course cyber threats and crime. This constant flow of information around all these things has caused a general sense of fear and dread that needs to be addressed. While we could talk about each of these things at length, this article will focus on cyber threats.