Respectful Workplace Program

Empower your employees to become part of the change and contribute to a culture of inclusion and respect. Alterity’s Respectful Workplace Program gives employees access to online diversity training to help them increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence, recognize situations that involve sexual harassment or sex discrimination, and identify what to do if they experience these situations in the workplace. Our virtual program is designed for compliance training under guidelines of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and the EEOC.

The workplace behavior training program includes carefully curated content on important topics related to:

01Sexual Harassment
02Emotional Intelligence
04Stress Management

The decade beginning with 2020 promises to usher in a whole new set of issues for your employees. The successful employee of today needs a high degree of sensitivity to interact and collaborate with coworkers. What was acceptable twenty, ten or even two years ago won’t be considered appropriate in the 2020s–and new types of lawsuits will probably accompany these new expectations. Here are some of the prime areas that will be important to keep all your employees feeling safe and comfortable – and respected at work.

Workplace Bullying

Bullying in the office is on the rise, and employees are filing more complaints and lawsuits in both the private and public sectors. Bullying can happen in many forms, including excessive criticism, socially isolating an employee, making jokes at an employee’s expense, ignoring complaints, cyber threats, or in any other way singling out an employee to be treated unfairly and differently from everyone else.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment has probably been around since workplaces were created, but awareness of the problem skyrocketed when the #MeToo movement took off in 2017. The EEOC reported more than 11,000 sexual harassment cases in 2019, and employers paid out $68.2 million in damages. While it’s easy to recognize more overt sexual harassment, subtler forms may include comments on a coworker’s looks, talking about sex lives at work, making sexual jokes, and nonsexual touching, such as hugs or putting a hand on somebody’s back.

Gender Identity

As more people identify themselves as nonbinary, it is important for employees to understand that the gender spectrum is more nuanced than simply “him” and “her” and now includes alternate pronouns, such as zie, sie, xe and tey. Pronouns can be very confusing for people who are comfortable with binary genders. In our diversity training, we’ll help your employees understand why it’s important to respect gender plurality, how to politely ask a person’s pronouns when they’re unsure, and what to do when they make mistakes.

Online Training by Alterity

Our respectful workplace program is specifically designed to comply with federal, state and local requirements for sexual harassment and sex discrimination training. It includes interactive videos, knowledge checks, assessments and scenarios for a comprehensive approach that is focused on employee engagement. Employees are also guided by a virtual coach to encourage individual reflection and increase self-awareness in diversity training, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, and emotional intelligence through our online learning portal.

With our program, you can quickly customize pre-built templates to include your company’s contact and reporting information and combine with prepared learning paths for both employees and managers. Posters and communications are available to help you launch your own respectful workplace program and to promote adoption of these new ideas. And finally, use our robust learning portal to manage assignments, reminders and completion status for company-wide compliance and reporting.