Manager Development Program

An Executive Roadmap for Success

You recognize raw talent when you see it. But raw talent needs finessing, and confidence needs building. Our management development program helps grow the leaders and managers of tomorrow. Your employees will define and develop the key skills and competencies they need to be successful leaders in your organization.

Pillar I: Developing a Leader Mind-Set

Start your executive training journey by understanding the roles and responsibilities of a manager and reviewing strategies to help you transition from individual contributor to manager and leader. This is a big mental shift for budding leaders, but our virtual lessons bolster confidence and ensure success.

Pillar II: Leading Self

Our online executive development helps you gain important skills for communicating effectively, planning and organizing your work, managing stress, and becoming more emotionally intelligent as a leader.

Pillar III: Leading Others

Learn how to effectively give and receive feedback while coaching employees, managing team performance and handling team conflict through our management development program.

Pillar IV: Leading the Business

Complete your online program by learning how to align team goals with business goals and how to make decisions that strengthen team performance and drive business results.

Our virtual executive leadership training provides structured learning paths to guide managers to success, yet it’s flexible enough to accommodate individual availability, experience and interest.
01 Virtual modules use a variety of learning modalities including e-learning videos, infographics, and quick reads and range from 3 to 10 minutes.
02 Assessments measure understanding of key concepts and best practices
03 Assignments encourage reflection and focus on personal strengths and areas for practice and improvement.
04 Action plan worksheets and templates help leaders create a personalized roadmap for professional development both during and after the program.
05 Quick reference guides, worksheets, and tools help learners apply new concepts from our management training program
06 Digital badges, certificates and points to recognize completion after each pillar