Cybersecurity Awareness Program

Alterity has created a comprehensive cybersecurity training program to help employees understand online computer risks and outfit them to protect themselves—and each other—from cyber criminals. Our Cybersecurity Awareness Program is constantly evolving with current, relevant data to better ensure and sustain data privacy and security awareness. We want to help you lower risks of data breach, cyberthreats, and email attacks today, so that your safety and security are better ensured tomorrow.

Alterity’s Cybersecurity Awareness training includes a variety of engaging resources to meet the needs of different learners. Our company is based in Plano, but is certified to provide online training for companies, contractors and government agencies throughout Texas. Our training is fully virtual and can support employees working from home or at the office. Register for a demo and test drive our platform.

DIR Cybersecurity Training Seal 2021-2022

Our training materials and related services are developed with industry experts to ensure learners understand:

  • What “information security” means
  • The types of information that must be protected
  • Best practices to safeguarding confidential and protected information
  • How to protect against unauthorized use of or access to information, information systems and secure facilities or locations
  • Best practices for securing, storing and disposing of sensitive or confidential information
  • How to identify, respond to and report common threats and types of attacks against information security like phishing

Yes, our program is designed to meet requirements for certification under Section 2054.519(b) of the Texas Government Code. It is certified from 2020 - 2021. Learn more about House Bill (HB) 3834 (86R) and cybersecurity awareness training certification requirements for state agencies, local governments and contractors.

The Alterity Cybersecurity Awareness program supports requirements of the Section 2054.519(b) Course Certification Checklist in the following ways:

  • Assessments are provided with each module and require a minimum passing score of 80%.
  • Assessments are based on best practices and techniques for building strong security habits and following recommended procedures to protect information resources.
  • We focus on helping leaners detect or identify basic information security threats and report basic information security threats in accordance with best practices.
  • Each module provides proof of completion through an online course completion certificate, email confirmation and transcript record available for administrator review

Annual training must be completed by:

  • Employees of state agencies who use a computer to complete at least 25 percent of the employee’s required duties as well as elected or appointed officers of the state agency.
  • Employees of local government entities who have access to a local government computer system or database, as well as elected officials of local government entities.
  • Contractors of state agencies who have access to a state computer system or database must complete training during the term of the contract and during any renewal period.

Local Texas government agencies that already employ a dedicated information resources cybersecurity officer can file a form directly with the Department of Information Resources (DIR) stating their designated training program meets statutory requirements. In this scenario, training program certification is not required.

The NICE Framework is a national-focused resource that categorizes and describes cybersecurity work as it applies to public, private and academic sectors. As an education provider, we have used the NICE Framework as a reference when developing the curriculum, courses and additional services provided through our program.

The Alterity Cybersecurity Awareness program


Interactive online videos and podcasts are available from any computer, laptop, tablet or phone


QuickReads that feature the same information as the eLearning, formatted for those who prefer to learn by reading

03Handouts and Infographics that summarize key concepts and best practices

The Alterity Approach 

With Alterity, you get a full action plan and calendar of events for 12 months. Each month introduces a different topic and includes eLearning videos, Quickreads, podcasts and handouts so learners can choose their preferred learning style. Each module also contains a brief knowledge check assessment to allow your organization to validate learning and track compliance.

We begin by working with the program stakeholder to determine program completion requirements, communications preferences and reporting settings. Then we take a programmatic approach to implement proven strategies that ensure successful adoption of the program. Throughout the year, you can utilize posters and Outlook templates prepared by Alterity, and a new announcement is added to the Learner Dashboard each month. You’ll receive completion metrics and reports to ensure compliance, and we’ll help you reinforce the importance of your cybersecurity awareness training program.

Strategic Planning Sessions

To be successful, cyber security training must create and sustain heightened awareness over time. Successful programs are those positioned as strategic to the success of the organization and sponsored by a broad coalition of executive stakeholders. Alterity consultants facilitate strategic planning sessions with organization leaders to champion an effective and sustainable program. Executives in information security, general counsel, management, IT, office administration, business development and human resources ensures all areas of the organization are engaged in cyber security. 

Employee Awareness Sessions

Increase the ways in which your employees receive important security information by adding annual or semi-annual Employee Awareness Sessions (EAS) to your program. During these informative and entertaining 1-hour sessions, consultants share real-world anecdotes and best practices gleaned from working with hundreds of organizations. It is common for participants to consider our EAS among the best meetings they attend all year. For those interested, Continuing Professional Development and Continuing Legal Education credit may be available as well.

Phishing Scams

A popular way for companies and employees to be targeted by attackers is with phishing attacks. Often, these scams mimic real world requests to capture sensitive information, directions to update passwords or payment via gift cards. If your organization wants to incorporate internal phishing emails to test how your employees react, Alterity can help! Ask us how to incorporate this tactic into your overall cyber security awareness plan.