Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity awareness is the combination of knowledge and behaviors that help employees understand the risks associated with cyber activity and how to combat threats to sensitive information.

Even for the most secure networks, employees are gatekeepers to intellectual property and private data. Without training, employees are an easy target of cyber criminals.

A security awareness program trains user on the potential threats their organizations face and how to avoid situations that can put sensitive data at risk. With the rise of remote employees, it’s even more crucial employees are properly trained on how to protect sensitive company information while at home.

Alterity Solutions trains employees of Texas companies, organizations and agencies. Our formal program is certified by Texas.

Following annual training, Alterity can periodically test employees on their cybersecurity knowledge.

Respectful Workplace Training

A comprehensive approach that enables companies to meet federal, state, and local requirements for sexual harassment and sex discrimination training.

Employers can contribute to a respectful work environment by hiring employees from diverse backgrounds and providing formal training on sexual harassment, discrimination and the toxic affect on company culture. Managers and supervisors should also understand their role in preventing harassment in the workplace.

Yes. Alterity’s Respectful Workplace Program has content on emotional intelligence in Part IV of the training. This section includes: Understanding Emotional Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and the Brain, Developing your Emotional Intelligence, and Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace.

Alterity introduced a course on pronouns to help individuals understand the correct usage of gender pronouns and learn how to be sensitive towards the LBTQIA+ community. We also include courses on managing stress, diversity and inclusion, and other topics that help promote a safe and healthy work environment.

Manager Development Training

A manager development program is designed around the major skills, leaders, regardless of their positions, need to be successful in an organization. Our program can be tailored to young managers and supervisors to new executives.

Proper training for managers is critical in developing the skills they need to keep employees motivated, productive, and committed to the organization. Alterity programs focus on expanding soft skills to improve executive effectiveness as leaders.

General Questions

Our courses are provided in English only. We can make courses available in other languages on request.

We are certified by the Department of Information Resources (DIR) as a provider for Cybersecurity Awareness training that meets the requirements under Texas HB3834.

Alterity provides solutions that empower your entire organization to move beyond awareness and education and into acceptance and adoption. We help you create a culture of safety and prevention where every employee plays a critical role in reducing risk to your organization. We provide employees with authentic ways to respect, communicate, and connect with their clients and coworkers. We help them seek better ways to handle day-to-day challenges and improve the balance between their personal and professional selves.

We designed our programs specifically to meet DIR criteria for eLearning, Assessment, and Tracking and Reporting, with a programmatic approach in mind. Each program features a variety of engaging resources to meet the needs of different learners, including interactive online videos, QuickReads, podcasts, handouts, and infographics.

We tailor our packages to meet our customers’ needs and maximize their return on investment. Pricing considerations include employee headcount, the program you want to implement, and your specific industry.

Alterity courses are self-guided, 100% online through our intuitive learning portal. However, we will help your team manage the training schedule with monthly meetings to review progress and introduce the following months’ program elements.

All of our training programs are fully virtual, available 24/7, and can support employees working from home or at the office. Register for a demo and test drive our platform.