When Life Forces You To Change Your Plans

We all have in mind the perfect conditions for us to do the things we do. With the perfect conditions in place we can…

  • Successfully deliver our products or services
  • Perform at our best
  • Deliver excellence

But what if those conditions change? What if life throws us a curve? What if unexpected circumstances arise? And what if, amidst all of that, we are still called upon to get things done? In short, what if we are forced to change plans and turn to an Alternate Plan? Is it still possible to create engagement, bring value, make and maintain connections, and make an impact? YES! Does plan B have to be a lesser plan? NO! It does, however, force us to rethink the way we do things. It forces us to adjust to the “real life” circumstance and adapt to provide the same level of excellence in a different way.

The Cause of Today’s Plan Changes – The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

If the pandemic has forced you to do all things remotely, then that becomes the new best and only option, so let us plan accordingly. Engagement is accomplished differently in this circumstance. Communication options vary in this circumstance. Delivery of information is accomplished differently in this circumstance. We cannot do things the way we have always done them and expect the same results in this circumstance. We have to adapt while maintaining our standard of excellence.

NOTE: In times of rapid change, as is the case with the Coronavirus pandemic, it is even more important to utilize change management best practices and keep our eye on the impact to people. Mostly this starts with a shift in the way we think, asking the right questions and changing our plans accordingly.

Here are some examples of what is happening in the world right now and how we all need to adjust to maintain productivity:

  • Remote Working: Sounds easy, doesn’t it? We have had the ability to do this for years. Our remote connectivity, communications and mobility options have never been greater. However, for many, productivity is either greatly slowing or grinding to a halt. We now need to look at business continuity in a whole new light. We cannot just assume people know how to be productive in this circumstance. How we communicate, educate, engage, and support people to accomplish business objectives changes in this circumstance. It is time to rethink.
  • Remote Meetings: Conducting a meeting with all remote participants requires new approaches and has different challenges compared to all being in a conference room together. It is time to rethink.
  • Remote Speaking Engagements: Believe it or not, this can be accomplished. It is time to rethink.
  • Remote Consultation Sessions: Consulting sessions require facilitated discussion and engagement from all participants. Doing this remotely creates some challenges. It is time to rethink.
  • Remote Ongoing Support: This is happening now, but the intensity and necessity of this increases with our current remote workforce. It is time to rethink.
  • Remote Training: Engagement, exercises and participation are key elements in the educational process. These are not accomplished in the same way when conducting or receiving this information remotely. It is time to rethink.
  • Remote Floor Support: One of the biggest success factors after the implementation of a technology change is the immediate support received after the new technology is deployed. This is when it “gets real” for the recipient. Can effective floor support happen remotely? Yes! It is time to rethink.

We do not live in perfect world. There is no perfect situation for all things. Turning to an alternate plan challenges our views of what we do and how we do it. That “Alternate Plan” is often the next situation that puts to the test the values and skillsets we espouse. The goal remains the same – excellence! Those that continue to thrive are the ones who adjust to the current situation rather than just dwelling on how it has changed.

Changing your plans doesn’t have to mean lowering your standards – it’s just an opportunity to rethink how you deliver them.

Need help navigating these new world changes in your business? Need help rethinking how you achieve your business goals while maintaining excellence? Contact us to speak with someone.