New York State Has Strictest Sex Harassment Training Law in the U.S.

Ensure compliance and foster a respectful workplace with Alterity’s virtual training.

The #MeToo movement prompted several states and cities across the U.S. to pass stricter anti-sexual harassment laws, all of which include prevention training. New York State’s law is the strictest of all, requiring that all employers, regardless of size, provide training to employees annually. Under the new law, “employees” are defined as all workers, including exempt and nonexempt employees, part-time workers, seasonal workers, and temporary workers, regardless of immigration status. Even minor employees (e.g. child actors) are included, though those under age 14 may receive a simplified version of training.

New York State Training Compliance Requirements

As stated earlier, under the newly strengthened New York State Human Rights law, all employers must train all employees. This includes employees who only work a portion of their time in New York State. Training must take place annually, and must be interactive, which New York’s law defines as:

  • “If the training is web-based, it has questions at the end of a section and the employee must select the right answer;
  • If the training is web-based, the employees have an option to submit a question online and receive an answer immediately or in a timely manner;
  • In an in-person or live training, the presenter asks the employees questions or gives them time throughout the presentation to ask questions;
  • Web-based or in-person trainings that provide a Feedback Survey for employees to turn in after they have completed the training.”

Alterity’s Respectful Workplace interactive online training satisfies all of the requirements of the New York State Legislature & New York City Council Requirements For Sexual Harassment Training New York, as amended in 2018. It also covers compliance for:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • The Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act
  • The Equal Pay Act
    Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008 (GINA)
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Alterity’s Virtual Training Encompasses a Variety of Learning Styles

If you need to train all employees, you’ll need to address their unique education needs. Our Respectful Workplace training offers diverse tools that provide a blended learning environment. Led by experienced trainers, our online training uses engaging content and interactive exercises that help employees understand and recognize sexual harassment and discrimination. We also provide ongoing communication with trainers for a thorough follow-up and the opportunity to get questions answered. And of course, our training provides proof of compliance with New York State law.

Our expert team also provides help to HR managers, with reporting assistance, detailed reports and analytics, and a learning portal that makes compliance reporting simple.