Alterity wants to help make your next project implementation a resounding success, and our certified change management practitioners know how to make that happen. Alterity’s proven change management and user adoption methodologies ensure your team is prepared to effectively deal with the transformation of your organization’s goals, processes or technologies.

Change Management

People resist change until they know what’s in it for them. Alterity provides a unique approach to change management that ensures organizations maximize the effectiveness of their large-scale initiatives.

When partnering with Alterity on change management consulting services, we help craft a strategy that encourages active participation from your organization’s users before, during and after the change.

Alterity facilitates a Change Management Planning Session with participation from a cross-section of executives, IT staff, administrative staff and other stakeholders, resulting in a summary of findings and recommendations. Together, we determine the most effective communications plan and elements to accompany your change management strategy.

User Adoption

The lack of user adoption is the number one reason why technology initiatives fail. Just teaching people about new products and processes does not ensure they will actually use them. Rapid and complete user adoption requires effective communication of the personal benefits users can expect from the change. When people understand what’s in it for them, training has fertile ground in which to grow new behaviors.

Alterity is an experienced provider of change management and user adoption strategies. Hundreds of successful projects have validated our Before – During – After methodology that engages, encourages and ensures users buy-in to change. Our comprehensive approach is grounded in proven change management theory and features myriad learning opportunities, just-in-time performance support as well as imaginative and effective communications which together ensure rapid user adoption.