Alterity wants to help make your next security awareness initiative or technology project a resounding success, and our certified change management practitioners know how to make that happen.

At Alterity, we know that active participation in new processes and technologies makes all the difference in successful organizational change and tech adoption. Our proven change management and user adoption methodologies will help your employees accept and even embrace these changes.

Change Management

Why do people resist change? Old ways are comfortable in their familiarity, even if they’re not the best ways. In order to nudge your employees toward new tech adoption, you have to demonstrate what’s in it for them. Alterity knows how to do this. Our approach to change management will help your employees take the new path, whether that’s improving their awareness of your IT security process and procedures or using a new document management system.

Alterity’s change management consulting services focus on proven steps to guide your employees before, during and after any major procedural or technological change. We nudge your employees into active participation, which leads to long-term adoption of your company’s new ways.

When Alterity facilitates a Change Management Planning Session, we involve a cross-section of executives, including IT staff, human resources, administrative staff and other stakeholders. We listen to everybody, and their input helps craft our recommendations. Together, we determine the most effective communications plan and elements to accompany your change management strategy.

User Adoption

Why do so many technology initiatives fail? Because users refuse to adopt the new technology. Simply teaching people about new products and processes is not enough. You have to convince them that the short-term pain of learning something new will pay off by making their lives easier in the long run. Alterity understands how to effectively communicate the benefits of new tech adoption to your employees. We specialize in active participation, which translates into lasting and fruitful adoption of new behaviors.

Alterity is an experienced provider of change management and user adoption strategies. Hundreds of successful projects have validated our Before – During – After methodology that engages, encourages and ensures users’ buy-in to change. Our comprehensive approach is grounded in change management, adult learning, and human resource management methodologies and features a myriad of learning opportunities, just-in-time performance support as well as imaginative and effective communications which together ensure rapid user adoption.