Layering Essentials – What Fall Fashion and Cybersecurity Awareness Training Have in Common

Cybersecurity Layering

With the Fall comes colder weather, and layers are the fashion of the season! Layering up from head to toe helps keep you cozy and safe from the elements. Pair boots with some thick socks, add warmth with a favorite turtleneck, and incorporate a pop of color with a scarf. Add in sweaters, jackets and hats, and there are a multitude of opportunities to layer up!

Fall fashion is similar to cybersecurity awareness training in that you should layer learning opportunities to improve your overall program. Try to cover all the essentials – websites, videos, podcasts and blogs. Every measure helps keep your organization safe from possible data breaches. In addition to turning to your favorite Alterity Cybersecurity Awareness Training consultants, here are some resources you can use to layer up:





News, Analysis, Opinions


Blogs (Curated Blogs)

IT Security Shows