Whether you and your employees are on-site or working remotely, your company needs a strong security awareness program. No matter how loyal, savvy, and hardworking your crew is, the business you’ve spent years building up will be exponentially safer when your staff gets cybersecurity training. These are just five of the many topics Alterity’s cybersecurity courses cover.
schitts creek
Netflix darling Schitt$ Creek swept the recent Emmys, but it’s not the first time this series—which followed the misadventures of the displaced Rose family in small-town USA—has stolen hearts. Aside from its soft quirk and hard wit, what is it that brings people to this show?
leadership development
Now more than ever, the world needs leaders. To navigate a global pandemic and the ensuing economic fallout, executive leadership is crucial. Whether you learn them in leadership training courses or on the job, these five behaviors can help keep your business afloat during times of crisis.